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Ocean Village

Playa Del Carmen

From $43,636 USD

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Discover Ocean Village, a harmonious oasis in Playa del Carmen.

Immerse yourself in eco-living, with 75 hectares of self-sustaining ecological luxury. This gated community offers a unique blend of modernity, Mayan culture, and pristine natural beauty. Don't miss the opportunity to invest in this exclusive paradise just 10 minutes from downtown Playa del Carmen.

Ocean Village

Ocean Village epitomizes eco-living, a lifestyle committed to harmony with nature. 

Through innovative technology, sustainable architecture, and thoughtful urban planning, Ocean Village offers a residential environment dedicated to preserving its breathtaking surroundings. Residents will enjoy eco-responsible services and construction techniques designed for the area.

Nestled just minutes from downtown Playa del Carmen, Ocean Village is an exclusive oasis of privacy. It introduces a revolutionary residential and commercial concept inspired by the Mayan culture and blessed by a crystal-clear cenote. With 75 hectares of space, Ocean Village comprises 11 gated communities, 896 residential lots, and a variety of recreational areas such as green spaces, parks, clubhouses, outdoor kitchens, guardhouses, sports fields, pathways, and commercial zones inspired by Mayan culture.


Direct financing options available for up to 7 years!

Only 10 minutes away from downtown Playa del Carmen

Gated community for security and privacy

All lots come with deeds

Exclusive access to Río Secreto

Abundant recreational facilities, including a bicycle path, walking and running tracks, sports courts, and more

Common parks and sports facilities for active living

Unique amenities like pickleball courts, theaters, a community center, outdoor gym, and pet park

Retail spaces, commercial stands, traditional Yucatecan food areas, and street markets offering a taste of local culture

A diverse range of restaurants, an art corner, theaters, and the Mayan fisher house "Casa Chuuk"

Fruit market for fresh, local produce


160m2 = $43,636 USD

250m2 = $71,323 USD

300m2 = $85,227 USD

500m2 = $142,045 USD

1000m2 = $284,090 USD

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