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Susana MacDonald - Yoga Teacher in Playa Del Carmen

Susi MacDonald

Yoga Teacher - Power Vinyasa @ YogaLoft & Kopo Yoga - Playa Del Carmen

Susana MacDonald - Yoga Teacher - Yogaloft - Playa Del Carmen

My Yoga Journey

Susi MacDonald
800 RYT Instructor
Rocket - Power Vinyasa

Are you looking for a knowledgeable and experienced yoga instructor to help you deepen your practice? 

With 15 years of experience teaching yoga, I have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide you on your yoga journey.

Yoga transcends experience levels, and my classes cater to everyone, from beginners to seasoned yogis. Together, we'll build strength, flexibility, and inner serenity through proper alignment and mindful breathing.

Ready to dive into a world of mindful living and yoga? Join me at Yogaloft or Kopo Yoga, in Playa Del Carmen. Let's explore your potential, embrace new experiences, and find joy in mindful living together.

Your mat awaits. Contact me, and let's begin!

Susana MacDonald - Yoga Teacher - Yogaloft - Playa Del Carmen

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