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Alux 33

Puerto Morelos

From $243,702 USD

Delivery expected by 2025

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Discover Alux 33 - Puerto Morelos Condos for Sale

Alux 33 offers 44 luxury loft-style condos just 200 meters from the Caribbean Sea in Puerto Morelos. Designed for North American investors, these units blend modern amenities with the charm of a tropical paradise.

Alux 33

Alux 33 - Your Puerto Morelos Homes for Sale

Starting at $243,702 USD, these condos are designed with a contemporary aesthetic and provide stunning ocean views, making them ideal for both vacation homes and investment properties.

The strategic location of Alux 33 places it just 200 meters from the beach, near the main square, popular restaurants, and local amenities. The development features a range of high-end amenities including an infinity pool, yoga room, fitness center, and roof garden. Developed by Estratemex, known for their high-quality projects and strong reputation in the region, 

Alux 33 promises a secure and lucrative investment opportunity. With an expected completion date in 2025, this is the perfect time to invest in one of Puerto Morelos's premier properties.

Amenities at Alux 33 Puerto Morelos Condos for Sale

  • Infinity Pool: Relax with breathtaking ocean views.

  • Yoga Room: Find peace and balance in a dedicated space.

  • Fitness Center: Stay active with state-of-the-art equipment.

  • Roof Garden: Enjoy panoramic views and serene surroundings.

  • BBQ Area: Host gatherings with family and friends.

  • Beach Club: Exclusive access to beachfront facilities.

  • Dog Park: Pet-friendly environment for your furry friends.

  • High-Speed WiFi: Reliable internet connection.

  • Comprehensive Security: Ensuring safety with top-notch security measures.

  • Elevator Access: Convenient for all residents.

  • Parking: Secure outdoor parking available.

  • Hammocks and Lounge Chairs: Perfect for relaxation.

  • Bathrooms and Showers: Convenient facilities for residents.

  • Private Security: Ensuring your safety and privacy year-round.

Additional Information:

  • Surface Area: Typologies A1 and A2 are 50 m², B1 and B2 are 97m²

  • 4 Typologies available: A1, A2, B1, B2 (click to view)

  • Bedrooms/Bathrooms: 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom per unit for A typologies

  • Completion Date: Expected by 2025

  • Developer: Estratemex, renowned for their quality and secure investment opportunities

  • Marketing VideosCinematic Alux 33

Alux 33 in Puerto Morelos offers an unparalleled blend of luxury, convenience, and tropical charm, making it an ideal investment for North American investors looking for a prime real estate opportunity in the Riviera Maya.

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