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Porto Blu

Puerto Morelos

From $380,000 USD

Delivery Summer 2024

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Porto Blu, Your Beach Condo In Puerto Morelos

Where simplicity dances with luxury, and the heart of Puerto Morelos beats in harmony with the tides. 

Imagine waking up to the sun-kissed horizon, your toes sinking into powdery sands, and the scent of salt weaving tales of adventure.

Porto Blu

Porto Blu isn’t just real estate; it’s a canvas for life’s most exquisite moments. Picture 30 exclusive beachfront condos—each a sanctuary where the sea and sky embrace. 

From 84m² to 198m², these homes redefine coastal living.

Why Porto Blu?

Nature’s Symphony: Puerto Morelos—a bohemian fishing village minutes from Cancún. Connect with simplicity, embrace authenticity.

Investment Potential: The Mayan Riviera whispers prosperity. Porto Blu is your ticket to ROI.

Luxury Redefined: From sunrise yoga on your terrace to moonlit strolls on the beach, every moment is poetry.

Location Insights:

Authentic Charm: Puerto Morelos—the heartbeat of the Mexican Caribbean.

Minutes from Cancún: Convenience meets coastal allure.

Heartfelt Living: Where the sky kisses the sea, and time slows down.


Panoramic Infinity Pool: Dive into cerulean depths, the horizon your only boundary.

Pool Bar: Sip margaritas as the sun dips into the ocean’s embrace.

Parking for Cars and Bicycles: Where practicality meets paradise.

Controlled Access and Lobby: Your gateway to serenity.

Tropical Surroundings: Palms whispering secrets, waves composing lullabies.


1 BR 2 BA 84.36 m2. 907.71 SqFt $380,000 USD

2 BR 2 BA 101.24 m2 1089.34 SqFt $395,000 USD

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