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Amira District


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Amira District is residential complex inspired by nature. 

The lush common áreas are integrated with jungle gardens, hammock areas, multipurpose pavilions with sport equipment, and interconnected rooftop pools, gym/yoga , deck areas , and outdoor parking .

Amira District

Amira District is a luxurious residential complex located in a tranquil jungle setting. 

It is designed to embody the communion between nature and modern architectural design to achieve a unique visual language that pays homage to its location. 

The lush common areas of Amira District provide a balance between mind, body, and soul, making it an ideal escape from daily life. 

Phase I of Amira District comprises 232 units. The ground floor features an ecologically designed river that flows between the buildings and common areas. 

Ground floor units have private swim-up pools and gardens that connect with the main area. Owners are also provided with a membership to the Giada Group Beach Club, which includes free transportation, a kids club, cafe and restaurant, rooftop pool, gym, and spa. 

Amenities and Features 

The common areas of Amira District are designed to provide a range of amenities and features that allow residents to enjoy the tranquility of nature. 

These areas include: 

  • Jungle gardens 

  • Hammock areas 

  • Multipurpose pavilions with sport equipment 

  • Interconnected rooftop pools Gym/yoga areas 

  • Deck areas 

  • Outdoor parking 

The building's exterior is designed to emulate the dynamic flow of ocean waves, while the interior design mimics the atmosphere of the jungle. This creates a contrast and a unique visual language that is characteristic of the Amira District. 


Amira District is committed to sustainability. It aims to respect the area's ecosystem and biodiversity by using materials that minimize the impact of construction and waste generation. 

Water conservation is achieved through the harvesting of rainwater for wastewater treatment. 

Solar panels are also utilized to maximize the use of solar power. 

Additionally, a "dry" construction system is employed to ensure a shorter, safer, and more sustainable execution time, as there are no wet binders. 

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